Sunday, 26 August 2012

U .

Assalamualaikum .

First time I know U. U make me always wanna laugh .
Because U too funny person that i never know.
Always had story to make me laugh . don't you know that .
When i'm stress or sad, U already know it.  magic right .

When I was with U the world like me who have
I feel safe and happy because U beside me .
When I'm sad U the first person i look for.
Because I want U to comfort me.
And U calm me until I feel better.

I cried for the first time U .
I feel very-very sad that time.
And i cried all night long,embarrassing right?
But do i care , i cried because i love U so much..

Sometimes I try to be strong but the fact that i can't .
U make me cried but i still like U as usual.
Now becoming more and more I love you.
Day by day i missing U.

When i get your message,it already enough for me to smile reached the ears.
Another is when you call me ,
I feel like to scream like a crazy person ! (:
See how magic U to me ? .
Without U how can I smile and I laugh .
I am grateful because I see U .
And because I have U .

                                                                                                   <Lots Of Love_S>

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